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Bliss Leopard glue 1-2 sec drying time (5ml)


The glue is perfect for creating beautiful full, open and fluffy volume and mega volume fans.

Of course, this glue is also perfect for putting OnebyOne eyelashes and Volume eyelash technique!

This glue is specially designed for the discerning professional with a high degree of speed.

- has an instant attachment of artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes 1-2 sec;
- incredible durability - up to 7 weeks;
- the smallest evaporation in comparison with glue in this category of other brands;
- the glue has a fairly liquid consistency, convenient for work;
- elastic on the eyelashes;


Ingredients: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Hydroquinone, Carbon black.
Produced in South Korea
Volume: 5 ml


* MSDS Certification

Wimperextensions Lijm, Eyelash extensions glue Bliss Leopard

€ 34,99Prijs
  • Clean out the spout after each use. And shake for 15 seconds before use.

  • From the date of manufacture, store no more than 12 months in a cool, dark place, after opening no more than 2 months.

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