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Eyelash primer "Zebra Luxe" is presented in a volume of 15 ml, liquid.
The primer provides adhesive properties.
After priming natural lashes, their scales are lifted, which ensures the subsequent flawless adhesion between natural and extended lashes!

The primer is used as a follow-up step after pre-treatment. The properties of these two fluids are different, and each has its own role.

Professional eyelash extension without the use of a multi-component Primer is simply impossible.

Professional products "Zebra Luxe" will help you achieve maximum success in your work!


Volume: 15 ml

Primer Step 2

€ 14,95Prijs
  • Shelf life: 1 year from the date of manufacture, at room temperature (+15 +20 degrees), 2 years - in the refrigerator (at +4 +6), after opening - 4 months.

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