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Degreaser for eyelashes "Zebra luxe" is presented in a volume of 15 ml, liquid.
-Degreaser (pre treatment) is designed to cleanse, disinfect natural eyelashes before extension.
-It removes any impurities, degreases and strengthens the adhesion to artificial eyelashes.
-Use it before applying eyelashes.
-Provides subsequent comfortable work with glue!
-Natural rose extract soothes the skin of the eyelids, does not have an aggressive effect, preserving the youth and freshness of delicate skin.

Pre Treatment Step 1

€ 11,95Prijs
  • 1 year from the date of manufacture, at room temperature (+15 +20 degrees), 2 years - in the refrigerator (at +4 +6), after opening - 4 months.

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